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High frequency circuit board

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Product introduction

High frequency circuit board referred to as high frequency board, at present we have regular double spray tin high-frequency circuit board, four layers of high frequency circuit board, four layers of mixed voltage high frequency circuit board, 6 layers of mixed voltage high frequency circuit board, eight layers of high frequencyPCB several such products. Design of high frequency circuit board according to the requirement of electrical performance of microwave circuit, selection of high quality high frequency laminate made of insulating material, it has excellent signal anti-interference ability and high mechanical strength, is an excellent microwaveprinted circuit board. With the development of science and technologydevelopment and the application of high frequency PCB Ken, also more and more broad, communication equipment such as we currently understand: converter, the receiver antenna, oscillator, power amplifier, global positioning system, satellite communication, microwave transmission, measuring instruments, the LSI verifier,analyzer, signal generator, frequency, high speed communication transmission,high security, high transmission quality, high memory capacity and processing of electronic products.

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