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Baidu victory against Pk360, see

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 Network media recently many people are discussing how to Baidu them war 360what hard after strokes, fighting skills. In fact, the most memorable is the 360 whycan come out of the first step. Have to consider 360 search there is a morepowerful father -360 browser; have a stronger grandpa -360 security guard. The two products in the volume of users can not be at home, but there is a large part of360 loyal users. The powerful rival Google and Baidu is the original 360 vest, prior to 360 accounts, 360 take the money to do the search, mature and then come back to share with you. It have cudgeled one's brains. In fact, Sogou and so give yourself any excuse. Their search results than Baidu difference your data, but whycan take so much market share? Because you get is not pure technology, is also on the competition of family background. Competition of family backgroundlegitimate but there is a downside, after all, is not your father. The input method to promote the browser, then the browser to search. Early Google no such thing has less to do with experimental evidence, said Google Baidu than good, many peoplewould agree, but cannot stand Baidu is the number of people who use.

360 commonly used browser users know in 360 navigation page has a search box,inside this collection of Baidu, Google (micro-blog), Youdao, immediate, severalsearch engines. As long as the user in the search box enter the search term and then choose one to search. The so-called door villain again can only go one, but only one default. Who gave 360 money, 360 is the default who, before laterGoogle baidu. 360 in the national large user amount, the use of the channel is quite high. The so-called 360 search, and in fact is the default this home into 360.Business in the period 360 is in continuous expansion, the karma personneldiligent not bad Baidu Baidu, that has seen, really admire. Of course also admire their never yield in spite of reverses business ability.

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