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PCB manufacturers for the Auto Order

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 In the autumn of 2013, the PCB circuit board industry market is not optimistic, butthe automobile electronic PCB products listed PCB factory Jingpeng Industrial(2355) in the third quarter of the performance of the sustained growth, become the PCB industry can be counted on one's fingers season PCB manufacturers. At the same time, Xinxing Electronic precision technology is put in a great deal of humanto enter the automotive industry, and Jing Peng divided automotive sheet market.

In 2013 the third season in PCB circuit board products market demand under the condition of no expansion, performance the PCB manufacturers no season, but in automotive electronics PCB for the main products listed PCB factory JingpengIndustrial (2355) operating in 2013 third quarter of good, and the single quarter revenue and 5051000000 yuan to rewrite the history high, sales in the PCB industry at the same time, Jing Peng in the third quarter's rate, favorable dissolve for NTD appreciation pressure on profit level.

The new general manager Zhu Youyi also stressed, finishing technology with itspast successful pioneer car PCB market in Japan and Europe and the United States and other areas of experience, is now actively developing the Chinaautomobile factory; estimates in 2014 the automobile plate of revenue will besmooth growth to exceed 5000000000 yuan, the finishing technology revenueproportion will from this year 23% to 25%.

The 2013 car market, steady growth in demand growth for PCB manufacturers areactively involved in, such as Xin Xing Electronics (3037) for human and materialautomotive sheet Market betting also greatly, Xin Xing Electronic investment in Shandong Ji'nan large automobile PCB factory, will come into operation in 2014.And this year Yaohua electronic (2367) in addition to the high order HDI boardorders were growing at the same time, another strong automobile plate business proportion is also growing year by year.

PCB manufacturers - Jing Peng in the first half of 2013 PCB car industryaccounted for the overall revenue accounted for more than 7, at the same time, italso encountered strong competition pressure interbank, Jing Peng director pointed out that, at present indeed feel interbank for auto plate for the order pricepressures, however, Jing Peng also actively planning for 3 years in Taiwan'scapacity expansion pace, hope to be able to occupy the market share of PCB morein the next period of time, in order to enhance corporate sales.

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