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PCB production plating technology

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 A classification of electroplating process:

Acid bright copper plating electroplating half semi bright nickel / gold plating tin

Process two:

1, the entire board electric copper: acidic degreasing, two stage countercurrentrinsing, pickling, full plate electroplating copper and two stage countercurrentrinsing

2, copper electroplating tin: pattern transfer, acidic degreasing, two stage countercurrent rinsing, etching, two stage countercurrent rinsing, pickling, copper,two stage countercurrent rinsing, pickling, tin, two stage countercurrent rinsing

3, copper nickel alloy plating: pattern transfer, acidic degreasing, two stage countercurrent rinsing, etching, two stage countercurrent rinsing, pickling, copper,two stage countercurrent rinsing → plating nickel and two level washing, gold-plated, recovery, 2-3 pure water wash

Process description three:

(a) acid

The function and purpose of:

To remove the surface oxide, activated surface, general concentration in the 5%-10%, the main is to prevent water into the bath caused by sulfuric acid content in bath is not stable, the tin dipping acid, and avoid the chloride ions into the tineffect of cylinder electric tin effect;

The acid leaching time shoulds not be too long, to prevent surface oxidation; in use after a period of turbidity or copper content is too high, should be promptly replaced acid liquid, prevent surface contamination of electroplated coppercylinder and plate;

 here should use the C.P sulfuric acid;

(two) copper electroplating full board: also called a copper plate, electric, Panel-plating

The function and purpose of:

Protective thin chemical copper just deposited, prevent chemical oxidation of copper was acid etched off, the thickened to a certain extent by plating (about 5-8um)

The full plate electroplating copper process parameters: the main components of bath with copper sulfate and sulfuric acid, high acid low copper plating formula, to ensure the uniformity of plate thickness distribution of deep hole and deep plating ability; sulfuric acid content in more than 190 g / L; copper sulfate content in general 75 grams / liter; the other groove the liquid is added with trace amounts of chloride ions, as auxiliary brighteners and copper agent to play the gloss effect;adding copper agent or open cylinder was 3-5ml/L, adding copper agent general in accordance with the method of thousand an hour to supplement or according to the actual production plate effect; calculation of current full plate electroplating in general according to 20ASF multiplied by the board can be plating area; coppercylinder temperature maintained at room temperature, average temperature does not exceed 30 degrees, more controlled at 24 degrees, so in the summer, because the temperature is too high, and the plating will generate heat, so the coppercylinder to add cooling temperature control system;

The process maintenance:

Daily according to Ka hours to replenish copper agent, according to 100-200ml/KAH added; check the filter pump is working properly, there is no leakage phenomenon; every 2-3 hours a wet rag used clean the cathode conducting rodclean; weekly regular analysis of copper cylinder and copper sulfate, sulfuric acid,chlorine ion content, and through Holzer cell test to adjust light agent content, and timely supplement relevant materials; every week to clean the anode guide rod,both ends of cable trough, timely replenishment of anode copper ball in a titanium basket, with low current of 2 10ASF electrolysis 6 - 8 hours per month; titaniumanode basket bag check is damaged, damaged should be timely replacement; and check whether the anodized titanium basket is packed with anode mud, as should be cleaned in time; and carbon core continuous filtration 4 - 8 hours, at the same time, low current electrolytic cleaning; every half a year according to the specifictank pollution to decide whether to need treatment (activated carbon powder); a month to replace the filter element pump;

The anode copper ball contains 0.04 - 0.08% of the phosphorus, the main purpose is to reduce the anode dissolution efficiency, reduce the production of copper powder;

The complementary medicines, such as adding large amount such as copper sulfate, sulfuric acid; adding should be low current electrolysis; adding sulfuric acidshould be safety first, adding amount is large (more than 10 liters) should be divided into several slow feeding; otherwise it will cause the bath temperature is too high, light agent decomposition accelerating, pollution bath;

The chloride supplementation should pay special attention to, because thechloride ion content is particularly low (40-80ppm), complement overtime must use a cylinder or beaker accurate weighing before adding hydrochloric acid chloride;1ml about 385ppm,

(three) acidic degreasing

Objective: to remove lines and copper on the surface of the oxide film or plastic film, dry ink glue, to ensure the binding force between a pattern plating copper andcopper or nickel;

 remember here using acidic degreasing agent, why not degreasing agent andalkaline degreasing degreasing effect than the acidic degreasing agent better withalkaline? Mainly because the graphics dry film or ink not alkali resistant, can damage the graphic lines, so the graphics before plating can only use acidic degreasing agent.

The only control oil removal agent concentration and time, oil removing agentconcentration was about 5-10%, time 4-6 minutes;

(four) etching:

Objective and function: clean and coarsening line copper surface, to ensure that the binding force between pattern plating copper and a copper

The etching agent with sodium persulfate, coarsening rate stable, good water,sodium persulfate concentration control in general around 60 g / L, the time control in 60-90 seconds, the copper content in control of 20 g / l the following.

(six) pattern plating copper: also called the two copper, copper plating line

Objective: to meet the load current and the circuit rated, each line and hole copperneed to reach a certain thickness, line copper to will Kong Tong and line copperthickened to certain thickness;

The other projects are the same as full plate electroplating

(seven) tin plating

Objective and effect: Graphic pure tin plating to use pure tin as pure metalcorrosion protection layer, etching;


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