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HDI Microporous plasma processing

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1, detection equipment: plasma, microscope, slicing machine

3, process flow, process 2: cutting, etching, dig copper, paste COV, pressure COV,curing COV, lamination, hole drilling, grinding and PCB grinding plate, plasmatesting, testing, outer line, test

3, detection method:

3.1, the detection conditions:

Five layer soft combination test plate on plasma flex plate formula parameters,detecting tested once a month; the production is responsible for production operation, responsible for quality to detect test board and produce the relevant test results, process, quality monitoring;

3.2, the detection process:

According to the five layer of hard and soft with a stack of plates laminated platelaminated outer hole drilling, the outer hole design into different drill diameter hole,aperture is divided into: 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.15mm, 1.75mm, 2.05mm, 2.65mm,3.15mm, various aperture regularly arrayed on board, the use of the new nozzlehole;

In accordance with the rigid Flex PCB production formula parameters, plasmaproduction in accordance with the provisions of the plasma operation control ofproduction; then in accordance with the specification requirements of normalconditions of copper deposition sink copper, copper quality control requirements in accordance with the precipitation test, a backlight inspection hole copper coppereffect, required to achieve level 8 or above; normal panel plating, and thenrandomly selected copper on various aperture a biopsy hole, copper treatment effect and the inner connection hole copper, various pore play section not less than five, and each section is only one aperture, Kong Tong treatment effect and the inner connection criteria in accordance with the soft and hard combination hole copper control requirements shall prevail;

The Board continues to line, line film production will be in the hole communicated with the first end of each row, each row and the edge of the board with electricconducting wire, the overall connectivity (Note: at the end of each row ofdisconnection is required);

After finish graphics via performance tests, the method of plating Sn each holedetection of conduction, for there is abnormal holes need to slice in highmagnification;

Do the thermal shock experiments for aperture, then play sections with a high power microscope, each aperture at least above five sections, and each sectioncan only have an aperture;

4, plasma detection quality evaluation: hole copper treatment effect and the innerconnection criteria in accordance with the soft and hard combination hole coppercontrol requirements shall prevail; if abnormal timely inform process department to make the corresponding treatment;


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