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PCB circuit board design steps

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 [Summary: PCB circuit board design steps of -PCB printed circuit boards in the pre production is to need PCB design engineering and technical personnel of careful planning, and continue to modify the design to verify the feasibility analysis, to ensure its applicability and market demand of the products, the PCB board designengineering group www.hdpcb.com]

From the structure and application of PCB board design, process design of printed circuit board basically can be divided into the following three steps.

(1) circuit schematic design: Design of circuit diagram is the main principle of the system PROTEL099 diagram design (Advanced Schematic) to draw a circuit diagram. In this process, to make full use of PROTEL99 for the various schematicdrawing tools, various editing functions, to achieve our objective, namely, to get acorrect, exquisite circuit board schematic.

(2) the network table: table is network circuit diagram design (SCH) and printed circuit board design (PCB) as a bridge between, it is the soul of the circuit boardautomatic. Network table can be obtained from the circuit principle diagram, can also be extracted from the printed circuit board.

(3) printed circuit board design: Design of printed circuit board is mainly aimed atanother PROTEL99 part PCB an important matter, in this process, we use the powerful functions of PROTEL99 layout for the realization of the circuit board, a high level of work.

PCB board design software we used to have Protel99 PowerPCB CAD ProtelDXP,each kind of soft have their respective advantages, need to use depends on personal preferences and master the skill level, but now the most used is Protel99PowerPCB with two.

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