HDPCB shenzhen Factory, proofing can provide you with a variety of PCB, FPC flexible circuit board, the surface of LED aluminum PCB, LED aluminum board, HDI and other products and services. SetHome Collection WebMap
About ShenZhen HDPCB Factory Specializing in the production of HDIpcb,Aluminum matrix board。
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Process flow

Circuit board factory process

   Shenzhen Huadi fast Technology Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of 1-20layer of printed circuit board, FPC soft circuit board, PCB proofing layer to 20 layermaximum processing. Surface treatment types include: HASL, lead-free HASL PCB,antioxidant (OSP) PCB, the aluminum base circuit board, an PCB proofing, blue plastic board, finger + tin spraying PCB, carbon oil board, OSP antioxidant circuit board, blind and buried vias impedance HDI circuit board. Special materials: highTG circuit board, high thermal conductivity aluminum base circuit board, ROGERS board, Teflon circuit board (TEFLON), high thick copper PCB. Finished thicknessthickness can be produced 5 mm thick, copper thickness in the range 0.5-4 ounces. 

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